How to move on with life after a bereavement

How to move on with life after a bereavement

Are you wondering how to overcome the sadness and grief of losing a loved one? Or  how to move into the next phase of your life? Managing the hundreds of things that come with packing up after a life?

Its hard. Somedays you feel like the world should stop until you’re ready to deal. We have been there and our hearts are with you at this trying time of grief and life adjustments.

We have found that it is helpful to focus on tangible things you can do and achieve at this stage and have some tips to help:

Life after bereavement

Life without your loved one is not something anyone imagines or typically prepares for. It can be a hard new reality, so here are some tips to help you adjust:

#1. Take Small Steps

After a huge loss, learning to live again is hard. You may not have the desire to do anything or go anywhere.

Yet, on some days, you will feel better than on other days. So, it is important to allow the grieving process to run its course.

Feelings of guilt, pain, and sadness are normal during your healing stage. This is because you only get better after you have gone through the emotions.

You have to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and realize there is no hurry to feel “normal” again. When the time is right, you will heal and the sun will shine again.

When you’re feeling sad, low or down remember that you’re not alone, family friends, support groups and recovery programs can help you to get through this.

#2. Redefine Your Happiness

We understand that your loved one may have been a great source of happiness for you. As a result, this loss has left you devastated and broken.

It is impossible to fill the void they left behind. But you don’t have to fill the void. You can find new things to draw happiness from.

You can spend more time with family, take up a new hobby or learn to play an instrument.

These activities are healthy for you and will help you to heal. Still, you must have patience with your  healing process.

Staying around people that care for you will go a long way. Reshaping your happiness may involve assuming some of the roles filled by your loved one. If you’re not comfortable coming back to an empty house, you can get a pet. A new puppy or kitten can be a good source of comfort and can take your mind off things.

#3. Let time take care of you

Life can get lonely after the funeral services are complete. Things will never be the same again, but healing and living again are possible.

Yet, sometimes, you may feel like you will never be happy again. While this is a normal feeling, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Actually, you will feel happy again. What you need now is to let time run its course.

Letting time heal you doesn’t mean you will forget your loved one or mean they weren’t important. Their memories are dear to you and will stay that way.

Treat their memories as a gift that to cherish. Doing this is important because death cannot take these memories away.

Remember that the goal is not to forget your loved one. It is to reach the point where you can remember them fondly, without sadness and without putting your life on pause.

#4. Go out more

Navigating your social life after the funeral program is difficult, no doubt. Going to social events, having fun, even laughing and joking may seem strange.

Yet, you must remember that interaction with other people will help you to move on. There is no rush, as it is important for you to go at your own pace.

Here are some things you can do to return to the social space:

  • Host a dinner and have friends over.
  • Look out for group activities. The more people you’re around, the easier it is to heal.
  • Make new friends.
  • Find a fun activity and familiarize yourself with people who have similar interests.

These activities are a form of self-care which is important for you. It is a good time to open yourself up to new experiences.

Don’t feel guilty for laughing at a joke or enjoying a friend’s visit. It is important to adjust to life without your loved one. They would want you to be happy even without their presence.


Dealing with bereavement can be draining, overwhelming and difficult. So you should reach out for and take all the help you can get to move forward with your life.

Remember that dealing with and getting through grief is a natural part of life and is completely healthy. Your loved one may have passed but you are still here. “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened”

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