Pickup of the Deceased from a Hospital, Hospice Care center, Mortuary or Home. We collect the remains of your loved one and ensure that their journey to their final resting place starts with dignity.

At Sendoff we know that it’s hard to put into words how you’re feeling right now, which is why we focus on taking you through the process one step at a time. We will never rush you or push in a particular direction — you can think of us as the support network that’s only ever a click away.

What do we do?

We handle the admin, planning and paperwork so you can focus on what really matters at this difficult time. It’s what we do well and we know from experience how it can help with the grieving process by giving you the space you need to process your emotions and take care of family.

What’s included?
– Collection of deceased remains
– Transportation to Mortuary
– Storage of remains for 7 days
– Security & Peace of Mind: Sendoff vets all of our service providers to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

What happens when I order this?
We begin the process of collecting your loved one. We dispatch an ambulance to collect the deceased person’s remains, issue the apprpriate documentation, prepare for the issuance of the Death Certificate and store the body for 7 days. If you want to reach out and ask anything that’s on your mind, we’re only a click away. You can reach us on the WhatsApp, text or Phone details above.

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