Quality Affordable Flat Top Everstone Gravestone.

Our Gravestones offer many advantages over traditional granite gravestones.
• They are maintenance free, as unlike stone, they are not porous and thus discourage the growth of algae and other discolourants.
• They are strong but light and can be installed immediately. In fact, they can be installed by anyone without special tools, and uniquely, they can be repaired if vandalized or damaged.
• All of this means major savings for the consumer.
• Our gravestones are lightweight, strong and less brittle.
• They have a specific resistance greater than steel.
• They are corrosion-free.
• They do not rot and remain unaffected by the action of rodents and insects.
• They are more environmentally friendly.

We provide customized laser engraving for all our gravestones:
• To create permanent marks, laser etching and engraving processes start with a beam of concentrated light energy.
• The result is a smooth, high-contrast, lasting mark, which can be human readable or machine readable, etched or engraved into the gravestone’s surface.
• Different patterns can be engraved.

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